Four litres of blood

Picture 13

I went to the GP today to talk about vaccinations for Vietnam, and the fact that I have been experiencing gastric reflux for a few months now. He sent me for a blood test that required FOUR vials of blood. Four. I nearly passed out looking at the vials as the nurse kept grabbing more. I’m being tested for Hep resistance (I have a vague memory of having the shots for Hep A, but we need to be sure), he’s also testing my iron levels (I’m a vegetarian, I must be unhealthy), vitamin D (no idea what that is about), and some bug that causes evil stomach issues.

If they don’t find hep immunity I’ll need some shots, iron and vitamin D have unknown consequences, but if they don’t find the stomach bug then I might need to have an endoscopy. Not entirely sure what that entails, but it sounds unpleasant.

I applied for a part time job a few weeks ago – I just got an email to notify me that my application was unsuccessful. There were over 600 applications – and I’m sure some of them had actual qualifications that were related to the job, so I don’t feel too bad. I had help to write a kick ass resume, and I really feel that I gave it my best shot. I would have been great at the job, and it would have been a wonderful lifestyle change – but perhaps I need to go for the filthy lucre at this point, and the universe is TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING. Justine – the bottle of wine you gave me has come in handy.

My friends Patrick and Linda, and their kids Hugo and Lolita came for lunch today, and we had a very pleasant day. Hugo was great with the bunnies, and I think they liked him. THis is the first time that Monkey and Blueberry have met a young child, and they handled it very well – but I think that hugo is an exceptional child.

One thought on “Four litres of blood”

  1. Wow, Four litres? How much blood is there in your typical homo sapiens? … and why do you have a picture of the southern stink bug? They eat our citrus trees! 😛
    btw, I got RSS working on my account, but not on Andrew’s. Odd isn’t it?


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