We love Ecto !


I am slowly getting the hang of the image resizing stuff in Ecto. It wasn’t as idiot proof as I prefer a Mac app to be, but eventually my wild double clicking in random places paid off (yes, I am a self taught mac user), and I found the image settings. Would have been nice to have that documented chaps, but still….

Yesterday I worked, and apparently it’s ok to say why I’m looking for a job. My brothers company – the thing he has put his heart and soul into for nearly 20 years, is dying. It was a great company, with lovely customers, and a philosophy that was all about helping customer find the right solution for them, and making sure that everything worked together. Telling our customers and distributors these last few days has been awful. Many of them feel an attachment to the place that is rare in a business – Adam’s shop was more of a community than most apple shops, and its demise is a blow to more than just the staff. But for Adam, it must be horrible. He’s got a new baby arriving at the end of January, and I hope he soon sees the positives that are bound to happen because of this nasty and abrupt change. I understand a bit better now why he’s been more prickly than usual, and I probably could have been a little more considerate (though not knowing what was going on was a bit of a handicap).

I’ll be OK. Two competitors have already called to ask me to come in for an interview, and two of my customers want me to sell their products. One of my suppliers has fixed me up with a his brothers company too. And I have probably only told less than a dozen people about what is going on up till yesterday, when everyone at SSK was treated to my tale of woe.

Speaking of SSK, there was a bumper crowd yesterday! Kate modeled her finished Picovoli, Jussi looked splendid (her skirt had shiny bits, I was distracted). Emma showed off the beginnings of her wedding shawl, (so I retaliated by stuffing up my latest swallowtail and demanding that she fix it). Mary-Helen was weaving in ends for the cutest little cardi ever, and Sandra was the official photographer.

I gave Julie a lift home (it’s so nice to finally have a knitter in my suburb), and she showed me her very productive little garden, and even gave me a cucumber. Yum! There were other people there too, but I think they may be blogless. They still exist in the real world, but I can’t talk about them on the internet. Sandra is an exception, because there are pictures of her on M-H’s blog, so she almost crosses the divide.

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