For the World of Warcraft Widows

M-H linked to this on her blog today – and it’s a must read for gamers, and the people that share their lives. I will admit that I play World of Warcraft, but nowhere near as much as most people I know that play it. And I will admit that the game has been blamed for a lack of dishes being washed, and vacuuming being done, and possibly a little bit of marital disharmony.

The writer says that playing a game where 39 other people depend on you is a real priority for those players of Level 60+, as are the demands of real life – but sometimes priorities aren’t always examined in the cold light of day.

In other news, congratulations to Womens Weekly and Womens Day, who agreed to run advertisements about the cruelty of the intensive factory farmed pork industry. And a big boo to Marie Claire, Delicious, and the Good Weekend, who didn’t want to upset the meat industry by running the ads.

I don’t want to come over all feral animal rights activist (I wash, so you can’t really call me feral), but if you’re going to eat it, you might as well know where it comes from. There is a big push towards organics, many of us don’t want to eat genetically modified organisms, there is an increasing awareness of the issues of battery hens – and yet the meat industry is powerful enough to stop an education campaign in some of Australias big glossy magazines.

I don’t like it.

One thought on “For the World of Warcraft Widows”

  1. Firstly – my condolences on your Aunt’s passing.

    hmmm…Maria plays WOW incessantly – it is starting to affect her schoolwork, I found that blog good in helping us to help her manage her time.

    As for the meat – you know my feelings, I know that if I want to eat it, I have to ensure that the animal has been cared for properly. I may even buy one of those ghastly women’s magazines (which I haven’t done since Princess Di died)just to support them for running those ads.

    lastly – you are a grown up, and you are correct – you can’t change anyone – just the way you react,keep aiming for your dreams – following your path, and avoid these distractions. I think you are wonderful!


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