An Open Letter To Bendigo Woollen Mills

Thank you for the shade card. I do hope it didn’t cost a bomb to send out (I assumed you sent one to everyone), becuase there seems to be a terrible, glaring, horrible travesty of a mistake.

No, not the fact that the colours are dreadful, we’re used to that, and not the fact that the yarn doesn’t seem to come in black – or even cream so we can dye it ourselves (for it is rather yummy yarn), or even that fact that you included a colour which strikes me as being rather fungal, a sort of mouldering beige that should never have been let out of the biology lab. No, none of these things. It is the name you have given this revolting festering ecru.

Neon. Please tell me the printer was on acid ? They haven’t quite got the medication right, it’s a horrible mistake, and the real shade card is in the post ?

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Bendigo Woollen Mills”

  1. I agree that the word ‘neon’ doesnt bring a mission brown colour to the mind! However I don’t let the fact that no cream or neutral colour is available for dyeing. Both the ‘Melody’ and ‘diva’ light shades will give a great base for creating colours that you probably wouldn’t have mixed initially yourself. I have had great success with grey and light blue yarns like this. They sort of tone the colour.
    love your blog


  2. When you think neon, are you are thinking of a bright neon light, a la Las Vegas etc. ‘Neon’ is actually an inert gas, I believe.


  3. Too funny. You can dye lots of other light colors, like Kaz wrote: light yellow, grays, beiges, fawn, light pink or blue even. It’s a bit more unpredictable when it comes to what you’ll end up with, but it can be fun.


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