A Wedding !

I heard today that two of my friends are getting married – and though this news isn’t always a wonderful thing to hear, in this case it is. These two are fabulous together, each provides a foil for the other, and together they share a joy that is natural, and wonderful to see.

And they honoured me by asking if I am available to do the ceremony. Of course it’s early days, and they may choose any one of a hundred celebrants, but making the shortlist is very special to me. One of the reasons I decided to train as a celebrant was an understanding that rites of passage are undervalued in our society – weddings have become more of a party than a ritual. From birth, to death, via a commitment ceremony, maybe with a puberty rite along the way, there are milestones in each of our lives that need celebrating, but also require a deeper understanding of what the ceremony means within the framework of our lives.

Another reason I felt the calling was a desire to see more personality in solemnity, and to offer an alternative to the cookie cutter ceremonies we see in the media, in wedding magazines, and brochures. I am told that the weekend papers report this week that the “in” thing for modern brides is marrying in a coloured dress. Funny, the cool people were doing it years ago……

And the third reason? I want Australia to legalise and give full legal recognition to gay marriage. And I believe that day will come, contrary to the backward rhetoric of “our mighty leader”, and when that day comes, I want there to be civil celebrants who are ready to celebrate, not just solemnise same sex marriages in this country. Bring it on :)

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