My Brother Got Married :)

One year and 363 days after I married Mark, Adam married Sarah, on a perfect day at Waverton Bowling Club.

I think this is my favourite image. Adam was playful, Sarah is the perfect foil for him, and the light was extraordinary.

I was asked to do a reading, and I found this very appropriate, given Adam’s “wandering past”. I have great hopes that he and Sarah will be very happy together, and I am thrilled that he has found someone he adores.

Our grandmother, Rita, modeled for Norman Lindsay- sculptor, painter, poet and author,who also wrote and illustrated children’s books. Before I was born, and just before he died, he gave Adam a copy of his book called “The Magic Pudding”. The inscription in the book reads “A slice of puddin’ for Adam”.

This story has always been special to Adam and I, and the reading comes from the end of the book, when Bunyip Bluegum has finally found his place in the world, and his seafaring friend Barnacle Bill sings his final chorus of his shanty “The Salt Junk Sarah”.

On winter nights there is always Puddin’ and hot coffee for supper, and many’s the good go-in I’ve had up there, a-sitting round the fire. When the wind blows and the rain comes down, it’s jolly sitting up aloft in the snug tree-house, especially when old Bill is in good form and gives us “The Salt Junk Sarah”, with all hands joining in the chorus.

“Oh, rolling round the ocean,
From a far and foreign land,
May suit the common notion
That a sailor’s life is grand.

“But as for me, I’d sooner be
A roaring here at home
About the rolling, roaring life
Of them that sails the foam.

“For the homeward-bounder’s chorus,
Which he roars across the foam,
Is all about chucking a sailor’s life,
And settling down at home.

“Home, home, home,
That’s the song of them that roam,
The song of the roaring, rolling sea
Is all about rolling home.”

More pictures can be seen here.

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