And a Post About Knitting !

These are the socks I didn’t quite get finished for my mother’s Christmas present. She was very gracious about it, even though dad got his. I finished knitting them over New Year, but I did the kitchener graft on sock one after a few too many shandies, and IT ALL WENT HORRIBLY WRONG.

Two months later, the socks were still languishing in my knitting bag as a mocking reminder of my multiple failures, and I decided to take the bull by the horns, and DEAL WITH IT. I was not going to let a pair of socks get the better of me. No, I am bigger than a kitchener graft, and what does not kill me will make me stronger.

So I took the socks to the pub, determined to get them finished. And….

Emma didn’t show up !

Of course, I had tied myself up in knots so tight that I couldn’t deal with it without Emma, so I waited another week, Emma showed up, undid the horror, put it all back on needles, and I did a neat, but spineless, three needle bind off.

The point of all this, is that

1. Emma is a superb human being.
2. Knowing your limitations can be a strength if you have support and can learn from experience.
3. It is good to put down a project and revisit it with fresh eyes.
4. You don’t need fresh three months to gain perspective on a knitting problem.
5. Three months can easily turn “perspective” into “terror”
6. Emma is superb, and everyone should have one.

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