If You Have Any Spare VIbes…

Please send them to Paige, C/- Singapore….

Paige took her teenage son on a big adventure, they visited America, and the UK, and were on their way home via Singapore when Paige had a dizzy spell and fainted, knocking her head on a metal cabinet in the ladies. She has a severe concussion, double vision, a loud ringing in her ears, and a massive, continuing headache.

She has been told she is not allowed to fly, so she is stranded far from home until she gets better. But she isn’t getting better.

The lovely Vicki has put Paige in touch with a local friend, whose brother just happens to be a top neurosurgeon. He says Paige needs an MRI, but she has bad claustrophobia….

I am very worried about my dear friend. She could use all the help the universe can muster right now.

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