Manners ?

I had it pointed out to me today that knitting in public is considered by some people to be as rude as reading a book, or using a laptop computer. Now perhaps I am a somewhat old fashioned girl, but I honestly thought that it would be impossible for anyone to take offence at my knitting !

And I still think it’s rude to read in a social situation.

Am I wrong ?

One thought on “Manners ?”

  1. I found the same prejudice, especially from those who have never knit. They just don’t seem to realize that knitting, especially things like stockinette stitch, doesn’t require the amount of focus that something like reading or surfing on the internet does. Once people realize that I can hold up my end of a conversation (sometimes both ends!) while knitting, they tend to become more understanding. Knitting while watching a movie helps too because I discover that there’s sometimes not as much eye contact needed with knitting as everyone thinks. Although, that sorta weirds people out. 🙂 It’s like with ANY prejudice, people don’t like something until their forced to confront it and get to know the person.


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