Monday Night

I got a payrise today. I’m grateful, of course, but it’s a bit ridiculous when one’s mother has to “have a little chat” with one’s boss to get a payrise.

I was talking to mum about work, asking for feedback. When you work with family, the onus is on you to be thoughtful of your bosses feelings, as well as your own. When you work with family, you have to take care of two relationships in one.

So life has been pretty horrible for the last month or so, for me, and also for my brother. So he’s been a horrible shit to me – but now I feel like it’s my responsibility not to cause a fuss. I don’t want to make life worse for my poor brother…

So life gets worse and worse for me, and I tie myself in knots not to make it worse for the brother. And him… Does he give a shit that his behaviour is making me feel worse ? I don’t know. So I talk to mum.

Then mum tells me she thinks he is being unfair, and she wants to talk to him about it.

Then I get a raise.


2 thoughts on “Monday Night”

  1. ok I tried to do this in the best way possible. I gave full disclosure on the parents involvement because they helped me to see a solution to a problem that I could not. I had been stewing about this for a long time. I was really happy to be presented with an answer, albeit one that I would have to go out on a limb for.

    I didn’t expect to get criticised, but I suppose there are plenty of ways to react to every situation.


  2. Sorry Brother – it wasn’t meant to be an attack on you. Just feeling really flat and vile, and my circumstances make it really hard for me not to be cynical about anything right now.


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