Basis Square Done!

It isn’t exactly square, but I’ll block it and make it conform. I am not knitting the bloody thing a fourth time. This whole knitting to an exact size thing is rather more of a challenge than I am up for at the moment. A huge furry shawl on big needles should be my next project, and something little and intricate for interest.

S’nB was great this afternoon – a small group, Simone, Bella, and Andrew. Simone finished her Poncho (looks divine), Bella is working on a very cute bikini, and Andrew continues work on his alpaca scarf. And I cast on the third attempt at a square, and finished just before dinner with Richard and Miriam.

Apparently I was wrong about Mark wanting the same pattern front and back on the jumper – he actually does want “&” on the front, but I missed the chart he sent me. Good thing he reads my blog, or I would never have known 🙂

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