Stuff all to report….

Slow knitting weekend – someone made me go to a great party and stay up all saturday night, so I was a sad and sorry wastrel on sunday….

Good progress on the Binary Jumper, almost half way to the armpits, and I have cast on the sleeves for the cardi (again). This time I am attempting to knit both using the double circ method. I am sure I will be fine once I get a few rows done, but it was rather hairy on the train in to work this morning.

I received my square in the post from Thelma, so I better get busy and cast on a square for her for the Basis Exchange (Brothers and Sisters in Stitches – the idea is to knit 2 x 6 inch squares a month and send them to a different partner each month, at the end of the year you should have enough for a blanket).

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