A New Project

Last week I cast on (the Bendigo Alpaca I bought at the craft show) another cardi like that one I did last year. This one is black – a girl needs a new black cardi every now and then…

The pattern is from “Stitch ‘n Bitch” – the cardi on the cover. This one will be all black, and I am thinking of a granny square border. The great news is, I’ve only been knitting for a few days and I have already nearly halfway finished the back. I must be getting faster, the last one took months !


Did a face plant on Easter monday. Skinned a knee, but was relatively unscathed. Until 2 days later, when I felt a pain in the neck. Took drugs, ignored it.

Then on Thursday, the pain was bringing tears to my eyes. Apparently I have dislocated the shoulder and mangled a nerve. And it could take weeks to heal. There isn’t enough codeine in the world.


Courthouse Stitch ‘n Bitch

Long time no post, been busy boring the world to tears, selling mac’s, watching my grandmother die, having a relapse of bronchitis, watching silly movies, and generally only just coping with life.

So – here are some pics I took weeks ago, that surely deserve a place on the blog.

Lyvern's Custom Cigarette Case

A thoughtful gift for the smoker in your life


Lyvern will knock one up for you in your choice of yarns and colours for the cost of a carton….


The beautiful Bella

Emma's EZ Baby Jacket

Emma’s Elizabeth Zimmerman “Surprise Jacket” Watch this space for my version. On the needles now, I have already completely stuffed up the counting twice, so lord knows how mine will turn out……

Close up of Baby Jacket

The Sock Of Wonder
The Sock of Wonder has stalled. After being left at a party (don’t drink and Knit kids!), it was returned to me (thanks Annabelle !) missing a needle and with a heap of dropped stitches. I think it’s time to frog and move on. Now at least I know that I can knit on DPN’s – I am still looking for an idiot proof toe up sock pattern so I can start again.