It’s not over yet

Pink sparkling in the wedding flutes. Lighting by the fabulous Toby Smith. Flowers by Diana. Complete lack of interior design style, artist’s own.

Final appointment with the surgeon today. Of the three extra chunks he removed, two were uncomplicated and had clear margins. The third also had clear margins, but also more cancer.

So that pushes me into a different category on the rubric. My lifetime risk of recurrence goes from 15% up to 25%.

So that means a referral to a radiation oncologist. Fifteen daily treatments over three weeks (after I’ve had a month or so to heal). So I’m waiting for a referral, I’ll meet the new specialist, and get told the plan. Apparently the worst side effect is tiredness, and after the treatment is complete, my risk will be reduced to 3-5%.

For five years after this treatment, I’ll be having annual mammograms with the specialist service (not the general breast screen program), with a little extra scrutiny, but that is the only follow up treatment I will need (unless something changes).

At every stage of this process, it’s been “just one more thing”.

Let’s hope this is the last thing.


One thought on “It’s not over yet”

  1. Sending everything good your way, you are one very special human being and deserve everything good, saying prayers and sending love everyday my dear friend 💜


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