Good morning Colombo

Yesterday was one of those days of travel where everything goes relatively smoothly, but it just sucks regardless.

From the kid deciding that 3:30am was morning (making my sleep total for the previous 48 hours an impressive 5 hours), to getting someone else’s urine on the back of my jeans after someone peed on the outside of the bowl (seriously men, we are so sick of your shit).

Had a lovely “grab” (Singapore Uber) driver who made a breakfast recommendation of kaya toast with butter – and it was amazing. Changi airport had enough amusements to keep most of us busy for a few days, let alone the rest of the city.

Finally made it to Colombo and got through the crash of porters and money changers and SIM card sellers and taxi drivers. Got some cash, got some sims, then made it to our hotel. It’s a little fancier than most places we stay, but the grandeur of it is a little faded. I wish the smell of pee in the bathroom would too. But it has a bath, and with enough time is should be able to get enough hot water for a bath, and that is a luxury that makes up for a lot.

So we are about to head out to explore, and looking forward to adventure!

PS. This is a type of preserved lime we discovered last night. It is amazing, and I look forward to getting to know it better.

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