Responding to Bullies

Kid has been getting hassled at school for loving bunnies and rainbows and shiny things. We sat him down and discussed options for dealing with bullies.

1. Change.

By accepting that you are different and trying to fit in, the bullies win, and you’re miserable.

2. Tell the bullies to fuck off.

Metaphorically, of course. I wouldn’t condone swearing at School as a good means to an end. But a decent fuck you/fuck off/go fuck yourself requires a healthy dose of self esteem. So we checked.

Me – Do you know who you are?

Kid – Yes

Me – And do you think you are a good person? Are you kind, and clever, and respectful, and funny, and cool?

Kid – Yes

Me – And do you like yourself?

Kid – Yes

And this morning, when dressing for school, he wore the shiniest, rainbowiest outfit he could find, then added a rainbow umbrella, and decried the lack of rainbow glasses to complete the look.

My work here is done. Fuck you bullies.

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