Consulting the hive

So we are getting further on in this “move to New Zealand” malarkey.

Initially, I agreed to 6 months. Then 8 months, and now it is looking more like they want us there indefinitely. So I started out thinking “we’ll get in a house sitter to care for the creatures”, and now I am thinking that they will all need to be cared for longer term.

And we’ll have to rent out the house.

Which freaks me out.

There is definitely a hoarder gene in my inheritance, and the last four or so years of bedrest and sadness seem to have inhibited my ability to throw anything out. Leaving me with a three bedroom house full of stuff I need to sell, chuck, rehome, store, or move. Everything needs to be sorted. I feel like the “before” of one of those hoarder shows.

Of course it’s not that bad, and once I get started I will probably overcome the paralysing terror. But in the meantime…

Does anyone know of a company, or a service, or a person that does organisation? Or have any other ideas of how I can tackle this fear. I’m not asking for offers of help – I’ve known for year that this is my crap and I have to deal with it myself, I just need a professional to guide the process along. Or a therapist!

Any ideas welcome!

Tentative moving date is the 23rd April. Five weeks.

6 thoughts on “Consulting the hive”

  1. So exciting and as someone who has moved to a new country myself, it can be overwhelming. There is a lovely lady in my Pilates class who runs her own Personal Organisation business, I will get her number and pass it on to you. Also, I am more than happy to come round and drink cups of tea and give moral support! xx


  2. Does your relocation package include packing services? Maybe you can get someone else to just deal with it! Downside is that all the stuff will end up in your NZ apartment, which may not be the ideal outcome.
    More importantly, when is your farewell???


  3. Oh, I can sympathize for sure!
    I have no advice except to say that I have begun watching youtube videos on this subject, Peter Walsh is pretty good.

    But the move sounds very exciting!

    Good luck,


  4. I think you know enough about psychology to know that there are psychologists who specialise in this. We have a local lady we’ve been trying to help but it’s not the clutter that needs help, it’s her, poor thing. Although she does have 30 years of newspapers, hmmm. We’ll be moving, the contracts are being drawn up and I don’t know where to start. New Zealand, such a lovely place. I guess you know that Kate G. was there for a while with work. Whatever you do Lara, you will do and see great things. Like a paid holiday, lol. We had our in Wagga! xx


  5. Dearest Lara, as one who is moving to a smaller house but has lived in the same house for more than 22 years, and whose daughter married five years ago but still, apparently, hasn’t moved out (even though she now lives in Woolgoolga), I sympathise. Take it one room at a time, and just do as much as you can before it freaks you out. Don’t ask where to start, just start somewhere, like the top shelf of the linen closet. Make three piles: keep, give and throw. And please, don’t do what WM has started doing (as he gets more and more tired) — move things from the place being sorted to a place not yet sorted. We both know that is unproductive when you have a limited amount of time. I wish you all the best (we’re moving 15 April so I really do understand!)


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