Leftover gnocchi with aubergine and courgette


Mark and I went to the opera last night (Falstaff, you should see it, best fun Lorina, you were AMAZING!), so I made gnocchi for the Squish and his gorgeous Tia Nani (Aunty Jane who very kindly babysat for us).

This morning I decided to sling the leftovers into the big dipper to try it out as a main meal container for wet foods.  We’ll see how it goes – I have ordered another big dipper so I can also use one for fruit.  Today I sent his fruit in a glass container, but I anticipate that won’t wash for long.  Why does it have to be so hard to find leakproof containers?  Even the big dipper leaks a bit, but not nearly as bad as plastic.

Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive comments about yesterdays post.  It feels really nice to be able to be honest about my insecurities and not be judged.

I do trust the school and his teacher is terrific, it’s just really hard to let go of the day to day management of Inigo’s learning.  It’s hard to hand him over to someone who hasn’t yet had time to work out that he can read a lot of simple stuff and is learning new words every day.

Of course the tiny compartmentalised rational part of my brain knows that the teacher has an awful lot on her plate and I wouldn’t do her job for quids!   Maybe I just had too high expectations of the best start assessment. And hopefully I will learn how to be a mum of a school kid in time, without too many people writing me off as crazy.

All too soon he’s going to be telling me about how his home made particle accelerator works – I can take a deep breath and know with certainty that he is going to be fine.

2 thoughts on “Leftover gnocchi with aubergine and courgette”

  1. I find the big dipper fine for ‘wet’ foods. I put the fruit in the top right corner and so far we haven’t had any ‘issues’.
    I’ve also ordered another set as Husbuendo now takes one to work!


  2. As long as you learn not to be a helicopter parent (hovering) by the time he goes to University, you won’t be a problem. By the time they are ready for University (I have one at that age and another almost there) we have to be background support and advice. You will do fine.

    He is logical enough, that you can probably get away with reminding him, that even though you all know he can read and do some math, his teachers don’t know, and he has to show them. That is why he has to do all the simple stuff to begin with, for some of the kids, it isn’t simple. He just needs to be patient with everyone.


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