Environmental Peace essay result


So that is 85%, which means, that with my mark for online participation, I should score an HD overall for the unit. I still have to wait until the 14th for official confirmation, but I am pretty confident.

Such a relief. I realized yesterday that I am using uni like a replacement for mothering my boys. My insane need to do well is a transference for the energy I was supposed to be putting into mothering my three boys. Doing well at uni is feeding my need for competence. As if my failure to bring my babies home was a failure that I should have avoided, that I should have had more control over.

I know it is unhinged, so thanks for humouring me while I blather on about results.

4 thoughts on “Environmental Peace essay result”

  1. Total kudos on your score – we are NOT surprised.

    And apologies, but Im going to step over bounds and call you on this:
    You ?failed? to bring your boys home?!? The choice of words is significant.
    Please dont think that of your self.

    I have to ask you what to say.
    This is your bailiwick…your intended area of study/interest. What would you say to someone who experienced even a small portion of what you went through – if she said something like this?

    Im presuming that your strained and hurt emotional side was in the lead when you typed those comments. But the logical side of your brain has to know this was not your fault.
    Please forgive my hastily typed outburst.
    Please forgive yourself for something that isnt your fault.
    Heinous things happen. And sometimes its no ones fault.


  2. Congratulations! And dont apologise. I think we all want to hear how youre getting on and are really thrilled youre doing so well at Uni.


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