The bad news is that I have to use my old username, which is my “maiden” name. Also, I can’t enrol in the “computers for idiots” unit that I was going to do (because it is easy), because now my student record is linked to my academic transcript they can see that I have already completed that unit.

THe good news is that I might be able to get advanced standing for the three units I have already completed, even though they were completed more than ten years ago šŸ™‚

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  1. Dontcha just love educational bureaucracy? How long have you been trying to enrol now??

    I sure hope they give you advanced standing – surely if they’re not going to give you credit for having done the subject before, they should allow you to enrol in it again if you want to.

    What if the subject had been a pre-requisite for your course??


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