Bloody hell!

Dad just rang. Some assholes broke into mum and dad’s house last night and stole some Christmas presents from under the tree, and the keys to both their cars.

The Subaru was left in a nearby side street with one wheel missing, and the Mazda 121 was driven through a peterol station to fill up, then driven out without paying.

Then the fuckers set fire to it. RIP Edmund.

3 thoughts on “Bloody hell!”

  1. What absolute sh*ts! And useless a-holes not even using the car for something useful like driving selves to Canberra, but burning it.

    So sorry, best to your M+D and to you.


  2. some people suck. fuckers. I hope that the insurance/police/locksmith roundabout is simple and straightforward. xxx to your mum and dad.


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