Off to bed now

But I just had to stay up to see once more a really powerful bit of TV. I’ve been watching Glee for a few weeks, just because it’s on after Masterchef, and have become a bit engaged with the characters.

Kurt is gay, and his dad is super macho guy. Burt, Kurt’s dad, loves his son, but isn’t comfortable spending time with him in a meaningful way, and this has been difficult for Kurt. In this scene, Burt overhears another character using the word “Fag”, and takes serious issue. It is the most powerful expression of love and respect for his son that Burt is capable of, and very moving.

And even after all that, he still can’t hug his son.

Sleep tight everyone.

2 thoughts on “Off to bed now”

  1. Oh, he’s hugged him! They’ve had one of these moving Kurt/Dad scenes every 3-4 episodes in the first series. It’s one of my favorite parts in the show. (I highly recommend episode 4 “Preggers,” which is the one where Kurt comes out to his Dad.)

    I think in this particular scene, the reason he doesn’t hug him is just that so much of the rant was about his own guilt for being like Finn at that age. He says that he said those things too, and he really regrets that. Man, I love Mike O’Malley.


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