Is it wrong?

A few weeks ago, when we were just beginning this whole toilet training adventure, I put Inigo in the car for a trip to Spotlight – about 15 minutes in the car. Silly me forgot to get him to wee before we got in the car, forgot to but a terry square under him in the car, and forgot to bring a change of clothes. And when we got there, he was wet. Luckily it was raining that day, and he was in dark coloured clothes, it wasn’t noticeable, so we went into Spotlight regardless (without stopping to pee first).

Of course, while I was waiting to pay, he peed again. In a puddle on the floor, just in front of the counter.

Is is wrong to use your child to mop up urine from the floor of a discount haberdashery store?

6 thoughts on “Is it wrong?”

  1. LMAO. the way I see it is his clothes already had pee on them and yours didn’t so…….you were saving on washing, hence saving the environment so clearly not only is it not wrong, it is to be applauded.


  2. If it was a full service store, someone else would clean up the wee.
    Obviously you are helping to keep their costs down.


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