How to talk to your preschooler about race

Article from Babycenter here. It is really great that the mainstream media is tackling this issue. According to a book I read (Nurture Shock), it’s not enough to expose your kids to people from different races, you have to talk to them about it. Kids in mixed race schools who haven’t had the conversation with their parents are more likely to join social groups comprised of kids of their own race, and will reinforce racial stereotypes and divides.

But if you talk to your kids about race, about how we are all the same, despite differences of skin colour and cultural practices. Stupidly, I thought that Inigo wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow up racist if he is surrounded by kids of many different ethnicities.

I suppose it’s not just one conversation, and we’ve got all that to look forward too.

One thought on “How to talk to your preschooler about race”

  1. Yeah, gets really complicated. Particularly as my kids have seen Japanese people all look & behave similarly. Australians don’t. Currently having a tough time explaining people may wear head scarves or look Asian but still be born here and still be Australian. Or not.


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