While we are on the subject of booze

The ABA has just released a new information leaflet about alcohol and breastmilk. Contrary to most of the information that is available to mothers (and often funded by formula companies that want to scare women into artificial feeding), this leaflet acknowledges that Australian women do like a drink, and gives guidelines for how to do it without harming your baby. For example, if you are a 75 Kg woman (I wish!), it takes 3hrs and 16 mins for two standard drinks to leave your bloodstream.

Not that I would ever encourage a woman to drink and feed – but you’re often better off doing that than drinking and giving artificail milk, and this information has been hidden for so long, this publication is a bit of a victory for common sense.


*That is a virtual cheers from me – self imposed booze ban will be lifted over Christmas and New Year. Then we’ll check in with the liver and see how it’s coping!

2 thoughts on “While we are on the subject of booze”

  1. I am surprised by the number of women who still wean or “take a day off” breastfeeding or go to extraordinary lengths of pumping and dumping to have a glass of wine. It’s good that more real information is getting our there.


  2. I always liked having breastfeeding as an excuse to be a teetotaller. I am not much of a drinker generally but people treat you like a weirdo if you choose not to drink without a ‘good’ reason so it was good to be able to stump that up as an excuse. Guess I’ll have to go back to being a weirdo, now. Hmm, guess I had to anyway since I weaned two months ago. Details, details.


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