If you have a minute

Spare a thought for Squishy this afternoon. We’re off to Westmead hospital for his hearing test. I have no idea what is involved, and they are always lovely at the children’s hospital, but he is old enough now to completely. lose. his. shit. when anyone he doesn’t know tries to touch him. I suppose his over medicalised past is coming back to haunt us.

Anyway, I have a bag full of food that (hopefully) will distract him for long enough to get the test done.

2 thoughts on “If you have a minute”

  1. He will be fine. The way they do it is designed specifically to be non-invasive and non-touchy so that kids can tolerate it easily. It will probably be fun! Hope its all ok.


    1. Thanks Ali! I wish I had seen this comment before we went, I was all worried for nothing. Like you said, it was fine, and I think Inigo actually enjoyed the first part 🙂


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