22 Months

Inigo at 22 months

My beautiful boy is 22 months old today. There are so many wonderful things about him that I will forget to mention here, and I haven’t done an Inigo update for so long that it seems silly to try to do a massive catch up now. Suffice it to say that he becomes more adorable with each passing day, and every day he amazes me with some little thing that I didn’t know he knew.

He is becoming quite the people person, charming everyone he meets, learning new names (and repeating them often), and then asking me to call – Nanna, Mone, Andrew, Akis (Alex), all get asked for repeatedly, as does our Indonesian babysitter, Juliana. Apparently “j” is a very hard sound for little mouths to make, and often doesn’t come until kids are about four and a half. He’s also using four words in a row (“more bubbles please daddy” became a common phrase), and is relatively intelligible to strangers. So even though some of his gross motor skills have been a little late, it now seems to be accelerating, and his speech and fine motor skills are pretty good.

All of this I only mention because I think all parents worry about their kids, and I am convinced that I am the worst parent in the world, and that Inigo not learning to crawl till he was 11 months old, and not walking till 17 months old is clear evidence that I am a bad mother and should be locked up. Now that he is showing signs of being scarily bright and is way ahead of me, I have new fears…

He is starting to climb steps without needing a hand to hold, standing upright on his wobbly little legs, and determinedly conquering one step after another. He’s starting to run, is obsessed with flowers, rocks, keys, and remote controls/phones.

Last week he told me that he loved me, and tears rolled down my face.

6 thoughts on “22 Months”

  1. And you brought tears to mine! It seems like only last week to me but my baby is now 19 weeks pregnant!nnBTW, she didnt walk till 14 months but was stringing sentences together long before the average.


  2. With the health problems he’s battled it seems no wonder that his walking & crawling was a little slow – his body had more pressing issues to concentrate on! And while he was recovering, maybe his brain was busy thinking…


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