12 Month Health Check

Img 4193
Eating cherries, naked, 2008

Apart from the nurse marking his gender as female, Inigo passed his 12 month check with flying colours. His length has slipped under the 50th percentile, weight is charging towards the 85th percentile (10.4kg), and head circumference is still comfortably above the 97th percentile, His head is about average for a 2 and a half year old.

And I’m deeply in love.

3 thoughts on “12 Month Health Check”

  1. Looks like your kiddo’s nice and healthy then. He needs the head room to fit the intelligence he’ll gain from his two parents.


  2. He is SO cute!!

    My son was big for his age when he was a baby. I forgot the percentiles, but he was way up there. Now he’s very small for his age. His height was at 5%.


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