Loving the crochet

I’ve been doing a bit of crochet with some odds and ends from my stash – odd balls that are never going to make it in to a special project. But I’ve been fantasizing about a Babette blanket, or at least a blankie that I can make gradually, a couch project that I can pick up and put down without worry about pattern, gauge, attention span, sleep deprivation induced dementia…

And today I came across this tutorial, which shows how to make a hexagon fabric, and join new pieces as you crochet. Gorgeous, and with minimal finishing? Sold!

Now I just have to squeeze some yarn money out of our very tight budget.

Oh, and I think I might have slipped up, and offered to knit my dad a jumper like that guy on Time Team.

Melissa Etheridge Finds a Silver Lining

If I’m not entitled to equal rights, you’re not entitled to my taxes.

P.S. I do feel a bit stupid banging on about same sex issues, when I am clearly hetero breeder from the suburbs. I know my attitude to these issues probably irritates some people, but I think it’s important that we stand up for people that are being oppressed – whether or not we are personally affected.

And I do feel personally affected. I can’t explain why, it doesn’t make much sense to me – but every time I hear of people celebrating their love, I feel that I share a little bit of their joy. And when I hear about injustice and bigotry, I take it very personally.

The continuing adventures of Inigo, boy about town…

The favourite game this week, is flinging himself over, forwards, backwards, sideways, whatever.  Someone is ALWAYS there to catch him – he is a very secure child.

But sometimes, he gets distracted mid game, and forgets to fall over – and we see a few seconds of actual unaided standing.

This morning, he even took a step before the fling took full effect!

P.S. We popped in to the clinic this morning, weight ticking along nicely, head slowing down, another 2cm long, and “very advanced” verbal development. Apparently all that yelling is a good thing.

Another Award!

I’ve been writing this blog for about 4 years now, and this year has not only brought me my first award, I’ve also received a second!


Thanks to Kate for the “I Love Your Blog” award.

It’s amazing to me that people are interested in my communist rantings, my x-rated language,  and my unconventional slant on life.  It’s wonderful to me to have a record of these past few years, and it’s made me wish that I had started blogging years ago.  Having other people appreciating it is a bonus.

So, in that spirit, I’d like to encourage some other bloggers that I love.

1. Pom Pom

Funny, spirited, intelligent, and thoughtful.  Sally’s blog is a recent addition to the blogosphere, but a welcome one.

2. Theoreticgal

OMG is this woman amazing.  Two gorgeous kids, one rapidly becoming a grown up, one chasing Inigo for  the cutest kid in the world prize.  Tina Knits, sews, crochets, cooks, writes, computes and runs a business.  She doesn’t sleep much (good thing that kid is cute), so the blogging has slacked off of late, but she’s worth sticking in your news feed.

3. Random Knits

If you haven’t already heard of Donna, you  are a bit behind.  I don’t think I knew quite how “famous” she was until after I knew her.  Donna knits amazing lace, sews fabulous dance costumes for her gorgeous daughter, and is owned by Twinke the Wonderbunny.

4.  Brave and Slightly Crazy

Emma is another mad scientist, living and working in the middle of nowhere, with sheep outside her office window.  Harassed and abused by the nefarious Chook ( a “Love” bird), and practising extreme knitting, her blog is worth looking up despite the interminable talk of marathon running and toenails falling off.  It was Emma who talked me through my first lace knitting, and it was Emma who first trusted me to be the celebrant at her wedding.

Republican Vs. Democrat

When McCain (graciously) mentioned Obama in his speech, his supporters booed.

When Obama mentioned McCain, his supporters cheered. It wasn’t a loud cheer, but it was a cheer. Though McCain seems to have extremely good manners, I can’t say the same for his supporters.

Which exactly reflects my experience with the more passionate members the more “right” of our major political parties.

It’s been my experience (though I’d happily be proved wrong) that people on the right tend to be a little more self interested, and people on the left tend to be a little more generous, caring, and kind.

On election day 2004, I helped a woman with a pram up some stairs at the polling booth. A man handing out how to votes for the Liberal party approached me and suggested that I shouldn’t help out in future. “She’ll tip the baby out of the pram, and sue you for damages, and then you’ll lose your house”, he said.

I believe that he was honestly trying to help me out, but suggesting that any mother would deliberately harm her child for financial gain is abhorrent to me, especially now that I am a mother.

Of course, back then I had nothing worth suing over, now I do, but I’ll still be helping anyone I see that needs a hand. And hopefully I’ll do it with *good manners.

*I tried to stand up for a shop assistant on Monday who was being harassed by a racist. Unfortunately I forgot my manners, and I don’t think I made a very good impression on the racist, and I was pretty ashamed of myself.

Cricket Scandal In Marsfield

Young spinner’s action suspect say pundits.
“While his wrist spinning technique is exemplary I had no choice but to ‘no ball’ him” said umpire (Grandpa Ted) “as his elbow was clearly bent at the point of delivery”.


I am relieved that he isn’t showing an early talent for cricket – I am hoping that he goes for something that doesn’t take so much time…

Thanks again Ted!

Press Release from Nettle HQ

Climate change answers in our own back yards

Inigo Nettle declared today that we must look for climate change solutions in our own back yards.  “We must employ appropriate technologies,” he said,  “that is technologies that are sustainable and mirror the processes of nature”.  He was examining the use of solar powered lighting that can be used in backyards and in industry.


Ted looked after Inigo for a few hours yesterday – thanks Ted for the babysitting, and the laughs