No Drip!

The drip needed to be moved tonight, and the doctor was concerned that Inigo was starting to look like a bit of pin cushion, so she decided to ramp up the breast milk feeds, and trial doing without the drip. He’s now had two feeds with no drip, and we haven’t had any chucking yet, so far so good….

Oxygen is down to 25%. Air is 21% oxygen, so we are very, very close to normal breathing.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there.



At the last hourly feed he had 11mls of breastmilk, and no spewing! We need to get him up to at least 15mls to compensate for the fluid he was getting from the drip, so this is really encouraging!

(and yes I am sleeping, just woke up to pee and thought I’d visit him)

6 thoughts on “No Drip!”

  1. They have yet to write the manual that arrives before a child is born. This is all Inigo knows, his mother is always there, as you always have been, and you will provide for all his needs. Even for adults every day brings something new, unexpected, joyous, demanding. You will always be the constant in his life, nothing else will ever replace that. And no-one else will ever be his mother.


  2. It was good to see you, Mark and Inigo today. I hope to come back and visit again soon.. and by then, there will be no alarms going off when I touch him!! Inigo’s looking well.. what a gorgeous little face.


  3. That is such great news!!! I am SO happy for all three of you!

    I’ll call you tomorrow morning about a visit. Maybe early afternoon?



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