Feeling better

PS. Last night I went to my parents place. Decided that a major depressive episode was not the right time to give up drinking, so Mark, Mum, Dad and I drank a couple of bottles of wine, they assured me that I am not a bad person, and we watched the latest episode of Dr. Who.

And I was overjoyed to see the end of Rose Tyler.

Two appalling things

1. Young people today have no idea about disco. Asking the latest bunch of Australian Idol hopefuls to explore the disco genre was a complete and unmitigated disaster. The ones that did OK didn’t really do disco, the ones that got it wrong got it very, very wrong.

2. Ch 10 is showing Morgan Spurlock‘s Super Size Me. And McDonalds is advertising during the presentation. FUCK!

Sorry for the language. I am rediscovering my sense of humour, but it’s taking a while.