What a Delightful Way to Spend a Day!

There are three by-elections in NSW today. Maroubra, vacated because of Bob Carr’s resignation, Marrickville because of Andrew Refshauge, and Macquarie Fields, because of another resignation.

Marrickville and Maroubra both have a strong Greens presence, but not so in Macquarie Fields. Last state election Labour won by a huge margin, the Libs were second, and Greens a distant third at about 4% of the primary vote.

So Mark and I are off to hand out how to votes at Hoxton Park Primary School, and hopefully increase the Green vote by a small margin.

In knitting news, the lace scarf is about as long as my arm, and though I can see two mistakes, they are so far back that I refuse to frog. I admire perfectionism in others, but in me it only leads to procrastination, and I have enough of that already, thank you.

2 thoughts on “What a Delightful Way to Spend a Day!”

  1. I hope Twinkie did his civic duty and voted yesterday ??? We aren’t in Macquarie Fields electorate, we just volunteered to help out, and went where we were told 🙂 It was actually nice to see a part of Sydney that I hadn’t really seen before, and we had a scrummy dinner in Cabramatta on the way home.


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