Saving Zeroland

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Inigo wrote a role playing game! He just ran it for me, and it was great.



The nerd is strong in this one

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Inigo plays D’nD for the first time.

Bobbin lace – accomplished

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Location:Budock Road,Hillsborough,New Zealand

The Meaning of Life

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Well, if there is a silver lining to being poorly, it’s having an excuse to stay in and watch movies all day.

And introducing Squish to Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life”. He recently discovered some of their less child appropriate music, so I figure that horse has already bolted…

Sit on my head

Bon voyage Gonad!

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We’ve had a lovely weekend with my dad, sad to see him go home.

Location:Vincent Street,Auckland,New Zealand

Not a bad spot for a knit

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With dad, while Mark takes Squish on the sculpture trail. Bless him.

Location:Arabella Lane,Snells Beach,New Zealand

Snow and smiles

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Cold and wet

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A weekend trip to the snow. Apparently that fancy ski gear is actually useful. Weather is awful.
 Hard to believe people enjoy this.

Mark has taken Squish (both of them are properly attired) to play in the snow a bit. Hopefully Mark’s pictures will be a bit more cheerful ;)
 I’m in the car, in my jeans and slip on shoes, knitting.

Location:Tongariro National Park,New Zealand

Circus Freaks!

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We went down to a local park to play, and encountered a free circus workshop!






Tuesday adventures

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This morning Squish and I traipsed off to New Lynn to the New Zealand Association for Gifted and Talented education, for him to have a another cognitive assessment, with a view to seeing if the one day school was appropriate for him. The appointment was for 10am, and took a few hours, so we had lunch (and a milkshake) with daddy in the city afterwards.

He’s been offered a place, and I’ve been strongly encouraged to take up the offer. Apparently, he scored above the 99th percentile for reasoning, which means that the way he thinks is highly original (we knew that!), and that he is unlikely to ever fit well in standard school (we were starting to understand that too).

On the up side, from next term he’ll have one day a week of inquiry based learning, in a small class environment (about 12 kids per class), where he will be encouraged to engage however he sees fit. And he’ll be with his academic peers – which is huge – rather than having to wait until he’s at university, I am really hoping he’ll find a bunch of kids that really get him. And don’t punch him for being “eccentric”.

And if you’re wondering why I used the word “eccentric”, read this lovely piece by Amy Gray.

A mobile apartment building
Today’s culinary adventure – potted stilton with chocolate digestives and rhubarb jam.  

We’ve been watching “How to Cook like Heston”, and this was his choice of what he wanted to cook. Not macaroni & cheese, or even fondue. No – he wanted this…

140gm Stilton
70gm Marscapone

Mix well, pot, and chill

Chocolate digestives

Port wine reduction (or jam if you can’t be arsed, and you live in a country where port is considered to be for winos only)


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My new rainbow socks, and the shoes that arrived today to go with them.
 Socks – Opal limited edition, cast on July 2013

 Birkenstock Rosemead – slip on covered toes, warm and comfy for a cold, wet Auckland winter.

Rainbows – thanks Helen!

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Yesterday, a rainbow arrived in the mail.

Squish had told the lovely Helen at our farewell party that he NEEDED a rainbow scarf, and she asked for specifications, and knit this gorgeous perfection. He loves it so much, thank you Helen!
 She also included in the parcel a couple of items from home I’ve been missing. Chilli paste, and Sard Stick. You rock Helen.

And this was the backdrop for our shoot this morning :)
 New Zealand does great rainbows.

Location:Wellington Street,Freemans Bay,New Zealand

Celebrating today’s reading award

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- from my iPhone

Location:Freemans Bay,New Zealand

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Thanks mum & dad!

Coldest autumn morning in Auckland since 1972

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Good thing I just finished my rainbow scarf!
 No time to block!

Location:Garnet Road,Westmere,New Zealand

And a video review

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Mark, Squishy and I spent Star Wars Day (4th May) at Hobbiton.  And today, I finally arranged to borrow Mark’s lappy so that I can upload my pics and caption them.

I was going to try to make a gallery here, but instead I think I’ll just stick in a link to flickr, and same myself some pain and a few hours of dealing with wordpress.

So, without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, here are my pictures from Hobbiton.

(Or – I’ve just realised you can click left and right from the main picture and see the whole set from the main picture above)

Another idyllic NZ view

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Location:Manly Esplanade,Browns Bay,New Zealand

And then I took up another craft

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 Woolfest today was WONDERFUL!
 Jussi met me there, and we spent the whole day fondling exotic yarns and chatting.
 I bought some Happy-Go-Knitty self striping rainbow sock, and some Rowan Calmer (for $6 a ball!).
 And this. A supported spindle made from used photocopier parts and carbon fibre, and some lovely merino/silk to learn with.
 A fabulous day, met wonderful people, and even got a gig teaching about ravelry.
 Overall, so far we are all finding much that is wonderful in our new home. I am missing my friends very much, so immersion into the Auckland fibre scene is just the thing.

Something about NZ that isn’t awesome

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$1.90 each for shrink wrapped Lebanese cucumbers. Not per kilo. Each!

- from my iPhone

Location:Milford,New Zealand