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Term 4 is upon us!

We have 9 sessions booked in this term, beginning on the 20th October, and ending on the 15th of October. Book for the whole term, and pay for only 8 sessions.

Term fee $320

Single session $40

Your child will take part in an ongoing adventure, taking care of the good citizens of Phandalin (and maybe the odd bad one too!), and ridding the town of the threat from the white dragon that has been menacing the town.

All sessions take place in Sandringham, on Sundays from 1pm-4pm. There are two parties of adventurers, led by Dungeon Masters Lara and Rob in parallel timelines.  Your child will be one of a maximum of 5 players, and will receive expert guidance and support along the way.

To book, please email for payment details.

Some notes: Please contact us if you are in financial hardship, or would like to sponsor a place for another child to attend. Although we make every effort to keep our prices low, it’s important to us to deliver an experience that will engage and delight your child, and make them want to keep coming back. With that in mind, we want to share the love of role playing games far and wide, so if you know another kid that would like to join us, please share!  D&D is for everyone, the shy kids, the popular kids, sporty kids, dyslexic kids, autistic kids, artistic kids, and gifted kids, and kids of all kinds of interests and abilities. If your kid has some extra quirks, is gifted, or has a physical restriction that we need to be aware of, please reach out. We will never discriminate against a kid that needs a bit extra from us if there is a way that we can possibly make it work.



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