A day at the farm

Lunch Al Fresco. Malle cooked a gorgeous curry with fresh veggies from the garden, we had a pre-lunch snack of fresh figs straight from the tree, and dessert was a gorgeous apple tart (with apples from the orchard of course!).

Showing off his new climbing prowess.


Oscar and Inigo having an adventure Oscar wins the shoe! We should have called him Herb

A post prandial stroll

Unfortunately I was too lazy to get the camera when we were chatting to the cows, but I got to stand in the paddock next to one of the cows as she was having a snack. I’ve patted a cow before, but it’s really quite an experience to be right there with no fence between you and her. Millie is quite big, David estimates that she is about 500kg!

Birth Options

There is a review of maternity services in Australia, and soon private indemnity insurance will not be available to homebirth midwives, and the Government has decided not to cover them.

Essentially, this rules out homebirth as an option for Australian women.

Now, you might think, “who would want a homebirth, it’s dangerous!”, but in European countries where homebirth is routine (about 30%), maternal and infant mortality is the same (or lower) than it is here.

I would not have been able to give birth to Inigo at home, and if I ever had another child, I don’t think that homebirth would necessarily be the right choice for that birth, but I definitely want that choice to be available to other women. Birthing in a hospital definitely makes you appreciate “what could have been”.

So if you have a minute, please sign the petition here.

Thanks to Big Green Coat for reminding me to post about this.

Learning to talk

Mum has decided that she wants the kids to call her Nanna, and dad doesn’t care. Adam and Sarah have Alex calling him Granddad, though I suggested that “Sir” had a nice ring to it.

But Granddad has kinda stuck (when Alex isn’t calling him Peter), and now that Alex is learning how to talk in earnest, he’s trying to say Granddad.

Except, when he says it, it sounds like…


I haven’t stopped laughing in two days.

Fourteen months

I was holding this post until I could add some pics, but the computer drama is ongoing, and he’s now 15 months old, so bombs away!

We saw the paediatrician again on the 15th. Kid is just shy of 11kg – that’s 500g in a month.

HC 49.2cm
L 79.6cm
W 10.96kg

He had to have a blood test (rock swallowing is a sign that iron levels are low), for which he was very brave.

I had a blood test, and a chest x-ray. Doctor wants to be sure that the cough I have had for 6 weeks isn’t consumption. ETA – it wasn’t consumption, it was Whooping cough…

So, back to the kid.

Lots has happened since our last update. We have independent standing, we have much babbling, and much actual talking. He has mastered “ta”, and “more”. We’re still working on “please”. Though the favourite, favourite, word/sentence is “giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle, OH”. Giggle is sometimes pronounced Gayggle. It’s very cute until the final OH – which is often VERY loud, especially in the car.

He is loving all types of music, and dances in his funny “I can’t move my knees without falling over” way.

He’s got a few new nicknames. As well as Squishy, Squidgy, Squirt, Squirty, Iggy, The Igster, and Mr Yellington, he now also gets “Leon Grotsky”. Leon for short.

He’s started to actually wrap his chubby little arms around me for a cuddle, which melts my heart every single time. Even when he grabs a handful of hair and pulls.

Sleep is back on track. Apart from today, when both his naps were too short, and he was ratty all day, he usually gets enough sleep to be charming for the rest of the day. Touch wood.

Today he we tried self feeding with a spoon for the first time. It wasn’t an unmitigated disaster, but I did put a stop to things when he put his whole hand into the bowl for the third time.

Once, he molested another kid at playgroup, pulled his hair and made him cry. Once. Every other altercation between him and another kid has ended up with the other kid coming out on top. Inigo seems to be very calm, and centred, and perplexed about the universe conspiring against him. Very accepting though, and he hardly ever gets upset when another kid steals his toys, pushes him over, or tries to ride him.

He’s still obsessed with things in the air. Birds, helicopters, aeroplanes, balls, stuffed pink elephants, whatever. Especially when he is tired, objects flying above his head lead to increasing hysteria.

He’s mastered waving (though usually not until you’ve turned your back and walk away), and is taking lots of steps as long as he has a hand to hold along the way.