First day

We packed a yummy lunch,

Which was hardly eaten because he was too hyper to concentrate on eating, but it got demolished when we got home.

A portrait after school with the school noticeboard. He had a great day, and decided to go back again tomorrow.

And we instituted a new family tradition. If one of us has something to celebrate, like a major milestone of starting big school, they get to eat dinner off the blue plate. At his request, pasta and red sauce, his favourite meal. At my insistence, we also had salad, and zucchini, mushroom and eggplant in the sauce, fried in butter. It was yummy, and it was demolished. Though he didn’t quite have enough room to finish dessert – fruit salad with mango, nectarine and orange.

This morning, we did it all again. We were so organised, we made it to school 30 minutes early!

Can you spot his Squishyness? Amongst all the kindy kids standing tall and paying attention, there he is, crouching down and being a ratbag.

That’s my kid.

Maternal anxiety level – Extreme

We are hoping to avoid catastrophic.

'twas the night before school started
Ogden accompanies Inigo to bed for his last sleep as a preschooler

Experienced mamas out there – have I forgotten anything?

We have mango and orange for fruit time, zucchini slice for lunch, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cheese for snacks, and a mango and coconut ball for a treat.

We have uniform laid out and ready, shoes polished, hat and bag, including spare clothes (and undies).

We have a plan that includes mama getting out of bed early to help with the getting ready, and so I can enrol in my classes (yes, I have to enroll at 8am – the uni couldn’t think of a worse time!).

I am about to put the camera battery on charge, and try to get an early night.

Apart from a library bag, is there anything I have forgotten?