So many words today

Today I went to the ABA NSW Branch conference, and attended a small group session on stillbirth and neonatal loss for health professionals.

I met friends I hadn’t seen in ages, met their babies for the first time, or learned of new pregnancies. I told people what I had been through in general terms, and with others I was more specific.

I was told that I looked well, that I am coping well, that I seem to be coping better, that they are sorry for my loss, that they can’t imagine what it has been like for me, and I was hugged. A lot.

And I was told that I am brave. I replied that I had a child to care for, that being brave wasn’t a choice, that Inigo deserves to have a functioning mama.

And she said, “it’s a choice. Some people make the other choice, but you didn’t. And that is the definition of bravery”.

So I am going to give myself a little bit of credit for that. I am still alive. My standards are pretty low, but I have met at least one of them.

4 thoughts on “So many words today”

  1. You deserve so much credit for choosing bravery! I haven’t spoken to you lately but have been thinking about you and often my mind turns to Archie and Aubrey. xx


  2. You do “brave” alllll the time. Little stuff, big stuff, discussions with Inigo, day to day decisions…attending the meeting you described.
    I’d say you deserve more than a little bit of credit…


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