I don’t know about you, but the earthquake in Christchurch really bothered me. Stories of babies torn from the arms of their mothers, and one mother in particular who was a long way away from her baby when the quake struck. The New Zealanders are very much like us. They aren’t just neighbours, they are family.

And now Japan. I lived in Tokyo for a while in 1994, and I have never lost my deep love of the country and its people. And it looks like it’s about to get worse.

And this on top of what has happened in QLD and VIC is just too much tragedy for one year.

I’m a blood donor, but I haven’t been able to donate for a while. The Red Cross have my email address, and today they asked me to set up a fundraising page and set a target for my friends to contribute.

Now, normally I shy away from internet memes, but I figure that if a few of my friends chucked in $5, or $10, or the price of a pizza, it wouldn’t be hard for us to reach $100 in the name of Disco.

So if you thought about donating but haven’t got around to it yet, please click here and contribute a little something. I’m going to donate the cost of the 1 litre bottle of gin I won’t be buying this week.

The sacrifices I make 😉

3 thoughts on “Fundraising”

  1. I donated $50 to the Red Cross but through work as they match my donation dollar for dollar. So technically that’s $100.

    But the $50 is for the Camper shoes I didn’t buy (Chatswood store is closing so all shoes $50)!!


    1. OMG, now I have to go to Chatswood! I’ve always wanted some Campers, so much groovier than Crocs.

      Thanks also to Terri and Kris, I am now almost at my target after 24 hours!


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