My life is like a cheap soap opera

After spending a few hours at the hospital, talking to midwives and doctors about how to proceed, which drugs I could and could not be given because of my previous c/s, and how long we could wait before I went into labour naturally, I was given a blood test (to check for infection), and sent over to ultrasound to make sure there was no heartbeat.

Well, there was a heartbeat. Two, in fact. Both babies are alive and well, with healthy little heartbeats, and measuring big for gestational age. No amniotic fluid, but alive.

We have decided to proceed with the pregnancy, I will remain on bedrest, and switch my care to the high risk clinic at Westmead. If these babies are born alive, it is very likely they will come early, and they will need a neo-natal intensive care ward, so Westmead is the most obvious choice, despite the bus shelter atmosphere of the waiting room.

And if we make it to 20-ish weeks, I’ll be booked in as an in patient to continue my bed rest in less comfortable surroundings, but closer to a NICU.

So sorry for the drama, but you can imagine that Mark and I have been all over the place emotionally today.

18 thoughts on “My life is like a cheap soap opera”

  1. Hey Lara, just popping over from BCD to say hi. What a rollercoaster you’ve been on lately, sorry to hear it’s been so intense for you. If you need a hand with meals or visitors while you are resting up let us know, we can sort out some help for you with the local BCDers. *hugs*


  2. this is good.
    I hate that you are having to go through this extra shite of not hearing heartbeats when there are heartbeats on top of everything else.

    thinking of you guys, and sending good thoughts frequently 🙂 xxxxxxx


  3. Wow, this is one amazing story. What a change in direction. I hope you can get a bit of mential and emotional downtime while youre on bed rest.

    I think I might need a gin myself, just reading the updates 🙂

    Thanks for keeping us posted.


  4. I am root, root, rooting for you. I have heard of a few women from babycentre who ruptured membranes very early and managed to hang on for months. I hope you will be one of them! Love to you and yours from this side of the world….


  5. Hi another visitor from BCD and knitting circles. I am here with you as well. Perhaps have a look on Joyous Birth for information about early rupture of membranes, premature birth, bed rest, twins, etc etc.


  6. Oh my god! I just commented on your other post before I read this one. I am so glad that it was a mistake. What an emotional rollercoaster for you both. I will continue to keep everything crossed for you. x


  7. I’m so glad to hear that there are two heart beats. I’ve had no internets for a week, and this has been top of my thoughts.

    IN my 25 kg of stuff, I bought the yarn for a little something for your heart beats. I cast on tonight. (This is knitter for “I keep hope in my heart for you.”)


  8. Hi Lara, Heather from BCD here. Thinking of you all and praying for you. Sending our love and positive thoughts. 🙂


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