It seems to be generally agreed now that these babies are going to hang around for the duration, so I am coming to terms with the reality of being pregnant with twins. And I feel the need to have a whinge. Please keep this in context – I do want these babies, and I know how lucky I am to have them. I have friends who have struggled, and still do struggle with infertility, and I really feel for them. But obviously, I don’t know what that is like.

My whinge is purely about the day to day reality of my situation. I’ve become a mouth breather, since my sense of smell is super sensitive, and my gag reflex is super strong. And I have trouble brushing my teeth because of said gag reflex. Sciatica, which plagued the end of my last pregnancy, has reared it’s head again, and the tiredness I feel is only exacerbated by the morning sickness medication I am on (which is barely helping – or maybe I am just way sicker this time).

I’ve lost almost six kilos in just over 3 weeks, which is a lot when you consider I didn’t really start spewing until this week. And my skin is so spotty and revolting, I look like I’ve been on a meth binge. And let’s no mention the waddle. aAll this before I have even hit 12 weeks!

Ok, enough whinging. I didn’t really blog about much of this stuff when I was pregnant with Inigo, so I don’t mind documenting it now – in case I forget!

So today Mark and I went to visit the obstetrician that was recommended to me by my midwife. He seems to have a sense of humour, and while he didn’t give me all the answers I wanted, he did seem reasonable, approachable, and not patronising.

So now we just have to decide if he’s worth $4000.

12 thoughts on “Bleurgh”

  1. I remember, after 5 years of infertility, feeling completely unable to whinge about my difficult and uncomfortable first pregnancy.

    I know that your friends will understand… even if they are just a teensy bit jealous.

    SO sorry you’re so uncomfortable this early on… let’s keep everything crossed that all the suffering is happening now and that the rest of the pregnancy will be comparatively easy. x


  2. You poor, poor thing. Morning sickness is vile and can just wear you down soooo much – particularly when you have another child to care for. I really feel for you, let’s hope it passes soon. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you a bit of a whinge.

    Have you got a physio that you see? Since your body already seems to be feeling the impact of these babies I can’t recommend getting yourself to a physio enough.Just to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep yourself functional. A twin pregnancy can be such a strain on your whole body.

    On the obstetrician thing, just keep in mind that, while you should naturally heed medical advice, you still have control. It is still your body, your family. Even if you don’t end up going for a vbac, there are still lots of things that might not be your ob’s standard way of doing things that could make your whole journey a lot easier and more positive.


  3. thinking of you Lara, sounds like it’s been quite a ride these 12 weeks.

    Hoping for a great 2nd trimester for you – hoping like mad the hormones and the spewing stop and some happy hormones and energy come along

    Which hospital are you looking for an obstetrician at? If you’re still looking for suggestions, I’ve had 2 obs (since the first was NOT one I wanted to repeat) and would recommend the second – but only works out of the SAN at Wahroonga. THe Ob was great, the san pretty good but not really on board with BFHI in general, but as a private hospy they will pretty much accommodate your wishes so I was able to make the whole thing into a BFHI type process. Email or call if you want to discuss, can’t put much more than that here.

    congrats on the baby again. And now congrats on the other baby too!

    Oh, and thanks on the changing colours stripes advice – 3 hats later it’s coming easily now!



  4. Oh, honey, I had a planned baby and I still whined through the whole pregnancy. You just whinge away. We’re all entitled, regardless of circumstance.

    The only thing that helped my nausea was acid reflux drugs. You might want to consider them, if you haven’t tried them yet. Hugs. Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Well, you know I’m in favour of a private obs. I had a good experience with mine (as did my Mum, which is kinda why I looked for one).

    Look, most of the time I wondered why the nurse can’t do exactly the same job: check bloodpressure; weight; ask you how you are & nod vaguely; feel for the baby/ies. He didn’t seem to be doing much or be particularly awake.

    But when there were problems (there were) he was suddenly awake, making phonecalls to ensure I got seen early, arrange this, that, I was to do this, that. It was almost a bit too fast for me, but in retrospect he was right. Also, once the particular problem was reasonably under control (partly through my efforts) he fully trusted me. Checked I was still keeping the effort up, but no extra invasive tests or random freakouts, unlike other people’s experiences I’ve heard.

    And during the birth process itself, he was there (a feat, given the hour & warning) gave me enough time to think stuff through and properly agree, without giving so much time the situation would change & the choice disappear.

    And the hospital did know I was his patient, and made it clear they would treat me how he wanted, rather than doing whatever they usually do.

    Of course, you’ve got to get a good obs, but a recommendation from your midwife is a really big positive.


  6. *hugs*. Just because somebody else is suffering too doesn’t mean that yours isn’t “worthwhile” or “enough”, you know? Physically, this is a REALLY hard time. Mentally, I bet it’s no freaking picnic, either. I think whinging is perfectly justifiable 🙂


  7. Tooth brushing is over rated any way… it has been proven that chewing on a twig is just as effective and doesn’t trigger the gag reflex. As to the rest of your experience, all I can say is I am a qualified cupcake therapist, and will provide 3 years free service, extended duration negotiable. And it isn’t whinging… let us call it emoting your experience


  8. We’re just back from a week away and I am very pleased to be checking in to see good news – morning sickness and sciatica aside. I know morning sickness really sucks the big one, so I do hope you find something that works for you.

    Will you talk to the hospital about its twins/VBAC policies before you make a decision on the ob? My boss went to the twins clinic at RPA and loved them.


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