So. Turning 40. Big party. Well, a party, anyway. Presents? I hope so! Not a lot, but 40 is a big deal for me.

Anyway, I thought I had a list, a list of stuff that I couldn’t justify buying for myself. And I’ve lost it.

So if you were turning 40, and you already had the gorgeous husband, kid and mixmaster (thanks mum!), what would you want?

I also already have a swift, a ball winder, blocking wires, knitpicks options, a terrific camera, and I only wear Crocs.


17 thoughts on “Help?”

  1. I know my wish list contains yarn (lately sock yarn), iTunes gift cards (for all those apps out there), books, and a bottle of good wine (if you are a wine drinker). Hubby is sooooo tough to shop for plus he never wants me to buy him anything. For his last birthday I found coupons good for various things like: a back scratch, a massage, a long walk together, his favourite dinner, etc. We started this idea when our kids were small and they wanted to get something special for our birthdays.


  2. more yarn (super luxurious to make it extra special) to put on the swift?
    those little decorative thingys that people put on their Crocs?
    tickets to a show or concert of your choice?
    a book that you pick up every time you go into your local bookshop and then put back on the shelf because its v. expensive?
    a piece of art?


  3. One can never have enough camera lenses, camera accessories, camera equipment, right?

    If I wanted to break the bank, I’d put an e-reader on that list too 🙂


  4. As unthinking as it sounds: gift vouchers from specific favourite stores are always nice because you can go there (or shop online) and it extends the fun of your birthday. For me that would be a bookstore, a yarn store or a fabric store.


  5. Books, books, books.

    Season tickets to something you love (I’d choose ballet, but would also be happy with theatre, opera)

    And I love hand made gifts. Leigh made me a hand-bound recipe book for my 30th birthday and I adore it. We got a couple of handmade gifts for our wedding, too – a beautiful wodden trivet that can be separated into two, and a gorgeous ceramic bowl made by a friend.

    Or you could adopt my glam Mother’s Day gift request: “underwear that does not have holes in it” 🙂


    1. Lots of great replies!

      I particularly like the tropical island with gin, but I am afraid that is out of the budget. Perhaps a toddler pool and a sunlamp with a middy of warm beer?

      Season tickets to the opera would be awesome, but again, not having a paying job puts the kibosh on that.

      As for camera stuff, I really want both a new lens and a flash. Not much change from $500 for that. And $500 is a lot of groceries.

      Donations? Nah, I’m donating so much of my time at the moment to a particular charity, that I’m not keen.

      Gift vouchers are great, but not so memorable. An iPad? Very sexy, but again, I might have to save up for my 41st birthday…

      Wine I’ll just drink, books are a rare luxury (time to read them rather). Art requires thought (and hanging).

      Gosh, I never knew I was so difficult to buy for!


  6. Well, a certain person coughrichardcough wants *everyone* he knows to club together so he can buy an unfeasibly expensive watch. A proper, grown-up, fancy over-featured stylish amazing watch.

    do you have a watch?


    1. Mum and Dad got me a nice watch last time they were overseas – not a really, really expensive watch, but I love it, and it still works a few months later, and has an actual warranty. Most of my previous watches have come from exotic $2 shops, so this feels very grown up 🙂


  7. How about Wicked at 8:00pm on Saturday 22nd May? We could have dinner first and then the show? I’m sure Mark would love to spend the evening with the Squish while I take you out and ply you with food, booze and musical entertainment…


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