I do hope to get a lot older, but 40 has a certain gravitas. I do feel that 40 year olds should have a certain amount of their shit together. Not all of it, of course, or you might as well give up, but 40 means goodbye to nightclubbing (at least the way *I* used to do it), and hello grown up and responsible.

So I am planning a party. A knitters house party. Mum and Dad have said I can have the house at Pearl Beach for the weekend of my birthday, so people can come and go all weekend, and hopefully some people will want to stay over, so we can all sit around and watch movies, drink wine, knit, and chat.

Sounds like a proper grown up part don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “Old”

  1. Eh? Grown up? What’s that? :p

    A knitter’s house party would rock, though…if I could knit. Or you all could teach me. Maybe that would be my one concession to my supposed growing up.


    1. If you can tell left from right, I can teach you to knit. Even if you can’t I can probably teach you anyway. I am seriously challenged in the whole “telling left from right” thing, and I can still knit 🙂


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