Guts wrap up

I don’t have coeliac disease, gastric ulcers, Helicobacter Pylori, or intestinal parasites. Nor do I have bowel or esophageal cancer.

I did have a polyp in the bowel, which would probably eventually grow into a cancer, which as been removed. But considering my age, that is a bit of a worry, and a good thing we found it sooner rather than later. It also means that I will have to go through this whole process again every three years. Joy.

So, the summary. Gastritis is pretty normal. Polyps happen to people with a family history of bowel cancer (which I do, but it’s not a strong one), and I have a “mild” case of reflux (doesn’t seem mild to me, but who’s to argue with the expert?). The current theory is that as a vegetarian I had good iron in my bloodstream, but relatively low iron stores, and giving 2 litres of blood in a year probably made my iron levels critical. And that last donation was enough to tip me over the edge into anemia.

And I have fatty liver disease, so I have to reduce my body weight by 10%, and give up the turps. I wonder which will be harder?

6 thoughts on “Guts wrap up”

  1. Some good news, but some crap news, huh? I’m glad there’s nothing seriously wrong, but fatty liver disease sounds like no fun at all 😦

    On the other hand, gluten is fair game!! Woot!

    For me, the turps is easy to give up. Shifting 100gm? It’s easier to give birth. LMK if you need a walking partner or something. We can round up Nat, kids, various combinations of strollers and slings and then just… walk. Woot. 😉


  2. Oh dear. If you lose a little bit of weight can you still have some wine? I don’t know if a life without wine sounds that good. Does that make me sound like an alcoholic? I’m not but still wine is nice.


    1. I already lost about 6kg since starting to feel ill – and giving up the booze should help 😉 And don’t put yourself down – you look amazing!


  3. Yeah, giving up the booze SHORT TERM should help with the dratetd weight – quite likely your liver will get back to normal then.

    Very glad you’re ok overall!


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