Dying hard drive

Last night, my intermittently annoying problem became a disaster. The hard drive in my laptop is failing and it has taken me 12 hours to get it rebooted and backing up. nnHopefully the backup works, or I might lose the last 12 months worth of photographs, mainly on Inigo. Most of which have not even been printed yet. nnWish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Dying hard drive”

  1. oh no I hope it works! you can always take the disk to the experts to see if data can be recovered.
    thanks for the reminder to do some backups…


  2. Yeah, had that one recently. Had it all backed up, but took weeks out here in the country to get the bits and pieces to get it back.

    Now I’ve got 1tb mirrored NAS.


    1. I found an old 320gb that I can use Time Machine with, so I now have a back up, and a back up plan, and a working hard drive! I think it still needs a poke, but it seems to be behaving itself for now 🙂


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