Day 4 of the Invasion

Inigo at the park, in better days

Inigo is walking more and more, and the other day he was lurching towards me, I thought that his walk is very much like that of a cartoon zombie (hence this morning’s cartoon).

As he lumbered and tottered, it struck me that this drooling, staggering and excited toddler was like a zombie attack from a 50’s horror film – terrifying, but quite slow.

My little body snatcher is having a rough time. It now looks as though he has a cold on top of the Foot & Mouth (which I have renamed Bum, Knee & Mouth Disease, because he seems to have sores on his knees and bum instead of feet and hands), and the poor little guy is very sooky, and very needy.

Today is indeed, a GOOD Friday – Mark is here to co-parent, and I can get some time alone (marooned on a couch while my lovely cleaners do their thing).

Too many cuddles are never enough when you’re sick

Foot and Mouth Disease

Well, OK, it’s officially Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, but I am being dramatic because I want everyone to feel sorry for me.

Last Wednesday, we had lunch with some friends, and on Friday I got an email to say that one of the kids had come down with HFMD, and to keep an eye out. The incubation period is from 3-7 days, so by yesterday I was pretty confident we were safe.

But no. This morning Inigo was really clingy, and went down for his morning nap WITH NO FUSS WHATSOEVER! That is when I started to worry. When he refused to eat much lunch, I was sure my child had been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a weird sleeping and not eating child substitute. Then he lunged at me to give me an open mouthed kiss (how adorable!), and I realised 2 things.

This odd child was actually mine, and the open sores inside his mouth probably meant that he caught the bug.

Today has been difficult. When he isn’t sleeping, he’s been clinging to me like a limpet, and shrieking like he’s never going to see me again if I try to get more than a millimetre away from him.

And we’re completely out of gin. Goodnight.

Thanks Bilby

A little while ago, I joined a group called Baby Carriers Downunder. A lovlier online group of parents would be hard to find, and their help with finding a carrier solution for Inigo has been invaluable.

Recently, they organised a Secret Pal type swap, called a “Bilby Swap”, and my Bilby package arrived yesterday.

I will post separately about the wrap (which is gorgeous, and far more tasteful than anything I would have chosen), but here are a few pics of the lovely play silks that my Bilby Ruby made.





And in Lara news, the reason things have been so quiet here is that we have a house guest for a few days 🙂

Where the Wild Things Are

A million years ago, I found some leaked pictures from the set of this production, and I dared to hope that it would be an awesome film.

It was one of my favourite childhood books, and I have never fallen out of love with the story, or the beautiful illustrations. It was really important to me that the movie had the right visual “feel” of the book, and the pics I found indicated that the production designers got it right.

Even the way Max’s tail moves when he runs is perfect.

I can’t wait!