Parent School

Through Liz from playgroup, I found out about a parenting course that has government funding through the schools as communities project. I enrolled yesterday, and started the first of three sessions today. Childcare is provided on site, so Inigo had his first taste of childcare today.

First tasete of childcare

I was right next door (in an old building), so I could hear if he screamed. And after yesterday, I was understandably nervous about leaving him with strangers.

The training is on a system called 1-2-3 Magic, and I really can’t tell you much about it because you can’t cover much in 2.5 hours. Especially when you have a sick kid in the room next door.

Yup, the raised temp is back. During the break I went in to check on him and he felt a little warm, but I decided not to panic as he was still acting pretty happy, and the class would be over in less than an hour.

After class we went to the cheap chemist and I blew the better part of $100 on a high accuracy ear thermometer and some nurofen (which the doc at the hospital recommended if we need to re-dose before we can give more panadol). At 4pm his temp was 38.5, so I dosed him up and put him to bed.

Usually he has trouble going to sleep for his afternoon nap, but this afternoon he slept for more than 2 hours and had to be woken for dinner. He was drenched in sweat, but his temperature was back to normal.

And yesterday I weighed him on the new scales I bought last week. He was 9.1kg – up 300gms from last week, and squarely above the 50th percentile line on the WHO growth chart for the first time.

I could cry.


This morning we went to a new playgroup at Granville Library. There seemed to be kids everywhere, it was chaotic, and Inigo loved it. There was singing, dancing, and storytime. The kid was enthralled, and he was ready to go back to bed after lunch.

After his nap we went into the city for some socialising. He was in fine form, and charmed everyone, until at 5pm at Miriam’s in Summer Hill he started screaming, went bright red, and his temperature was 38.7c.

Instead of freaking out, I gave him some baby panadol and decided to wait half an hour.

At 5.40pm, his temp was 38.9c, and the panicking began. I called Mark, who agreed that it was better to get him to a hospital soon, rather than taking the chance that his temp would rise further. Of course, this was smack in the middle of peak hour, so we went to RPA instead of Westmead, where I hear the emergency paediatricians are excellent 😉

Traffic was horrible, and by the time we were half way there he was fast asleep. And when we got there his temp seemed (to my untrained hand), close to normal. There was some uncharacteristic full throated and high pitched screaming in the waiting room, but apart from that he seemed normal.

I pressed on regardless, and three hours later we are home. Apparently it’s completely normal for a kid to go from normal temp to a high fever at the drop of a teacup, and then for it to come right down after a dose of panadol.

We did a urine sample, which looks clean, and he was checked all over for lumps, bumps, spots and swellings. Apart from a possibly swollen gland on the right side of his jaw, it was all clear.

He had a long breastfeed and then ate all his solids while we waited for the urine test, and was the very picture of health.

Apparently he has a “virus”. I’m to keep his fluids up, make sure he gets plenty of rest, and give him more panadol if he needs it.

And the “days since we’ve been in hospital” counter is reset 😉

Flickr Meme

The Questions:

1. What is your first name? Lara

2. What is your favorite food? Tetsuyas

3. What high school did you go to? Australian International Independent School

4. What is your favorite color? Pink and Orange

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Oprah

6. Favorite drink? Gimlet

7. Dream vacation? Whale Island, Nha Trang, Vietnam

8. Favorite dessert? Caramel Dumplings

9. What you want to be when you grow up? Peaceful

10. What do you love most in life? Family

11. One Word to describe you? Fun

12. Your flickr name? discoknitter


1. New Canon EOS 30D – First shots  …thank U Lara!, 2. Tetsuyas – Petit Fours, 3. Designer CONTACT +491789803472 – Phone Germany  Cultural Jamming Interface Design, 4. ready for the party……???, 5. Mr. Winfrey, 6. You Lookin at My Gimlet?, 7. Whale Island, 8. Dumpling au caramel.jpg, 9. Meeting the pregnant princess of the forest, 10. Prayer, 11. breathless, 12. Baby Jacket for Inigo

Coriolis Socks

I’ve seen Cat Bordhi‘s new book. New Pathways for Sock Knitters has taken the sock knitting world by storm – but since I no longer knit socks, I flicked through it without really paying attention.

Today I had the DIY Network on while I was expressing, and Cat was on Knitty Gritty, demonstrating the Coriolis Sock.  So I did a quick search, and found the pattern here.  I might even have a go at these, as they are knitted with a double strand of sock yarn, on much larger needles than normal socks.