Another crazy animal rights activist…

This kinda slipped under my radar in the last few weeks, but apparently the media was whipped up into a frenzy because some German animal rights activist wanted to put down a polar bear that was rejected by his mother.

Which isn’t exactly true. It would appear that the mans comments have been taken out of context, and he he was made to sound like a monster. Sound familiar?

This man had been to court to save the life of another bear cub, in another German zoo – but had lost the case, being told that it was against the animal protection laws to keep the animal alive. He merely pointed out this fact when interviewed by a journalist, and now has received death threats from all around the world. Made a great story though – many news outlets have increased circulation with this beat up.

Read the full story here.

And a very cute photo essay here.

Full transcript of the Mediawatch interview with Frank Albrecht here. Sounds like a reasonable man to me, but then, I am a crazed animal liberationist myself 😉 .

A very useful post

For anyone familiar with “The Elizabeth Percentage System“, you may be interested in this post over at Zimmermania.

Also, over on the Sydney Morning Herald, I came across an old article about possums becoming endangered due to large numbers getting killed by cars. I hate seeing wildlife pizza of any description, but particularly possums, and particularly ringtail possums. The ringtails just look like the cutest creatures possible, and it breaks my heart to see them squished on city roads.

A Family Weekend

Apologies for a picture heavy post, but there hasn’t been many pictures lately.

Saturday morning Mark and I went to Ikea. Wednesday is our third wedding anniversary, and we’re buying a new bed to celebrate. We’re going to splurge on a decent (latex) mattress, and get some cheap furniture to go with it – the theory being that the mattress should outlast the furniture, and we’ll be sick of the furniture after 10 years anyway. Also – by going with Ikea furniture, we’ll be able to buy a whole room full of furniture for the price of a “good” bed frame.

This is going to be our last major purchase until the big one – the house. Hopefully, with us both on decent incomes (Mark signed a contract last week – he’s full time!), we’ll be able to save a deposit in less than two years.

Saturday arvo, we went to Adam and Sarah’s to hang out with TBA while they did some garage decluttering. He was pretty good – Sarah warned me that he wasn’t sleeping much in the daytime, and that he would probably be a bit grizzly.

He’s been suffering from too much wind (must run in my family), and was a little bit unsettled, but we talked and walked, and I managed to get him down for two short naps. I hope I passed the auntie test. Though I am not a big fan of the baby species, I think this one is pretty special.


Here he is with his dad, having dinner.


And here he is in the hat I knitted before he was born.

Sunday morning I drove mum to visit Aunty Emily, my grandmother’s sister. Emily will be 89 in June, and though she thinks she looks “like I’m ninety”, she has perfect skin and an agile mind. Short though.


This is Emily with mum, and her son, Thomas.


And this is Cocky.


And here is some awesome street art I saw on my way home from S’nB today.


And a detail.