The Public Hospital System

Holy Fuck !

Mark took me to Hornsby Hospital today to get the medical records and X-Rays from my accident three years ago. I am hoping that the old X-Rays will show that my spine was fine before the whiplash, and that the degeneration since is far too rapid to have been attributed to “genetics”.

Maybe my spinal explosion is because of the whiplash I suffered three years running. Maybe it’s not. If it is though – I would be covered under Work Cover. And then, not only would I have some income, but I would also have someone mediating between me and the boss to try to get me back to work.


I had to go to hospital to get the records from my first accident. Coincidentally, it’s the hospital I was born in… And I think they are still using the computers they were using when I was ten years old.

We have just received a $6 tax cut in the budget. Mr Costello, I have no income until I get back to work, and I earn too much for my husband to qualify for Austudy, but if I ever to get my $6, send it to Hornsby Hospital.

They need a new sign out the front so people can find the department they need. They need to pay for a cashier that works past 3.15pm in the afternoon. They need an EFTPOS machine in the Emergency Department that works (as they are the backup cashiers), they need an ATM that works, they need a door to the Medical Records Department (as well as the map) that doesn’t slam so loud it feels like your eardrum is bursting.

And they need computers that are less than two decades old.

And now for the bright light at the end of the tunnel. The staff were great 🙂 Thanks guys – you made a horrible situation almost bearable.

One thought on “The Public Hospital System”

  1. I strongly support your hospital comments. When I had my first child the paint was peeling off the walls, the lift was broken and smelled like electrical burning, it was raining and there were buckets all over the floor to pick up the drips. I would say the working conditions for admin staff and medical staff in NSW hospitals are disgusting (and that’s not even considering the patients).

    That’s one of the problems with the structure of public funding. Because it is administered on a single year for year basis, nobody plans for infrastructure development or asset management. Team that with a state vs federal money grab where richer states support smaller states and cities support country . o on……….

    Enjoying your blog, glad to get this off my chest.


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