And there it goes


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Hi, I'm Lara. I live in Sydney with my adorable husband, two superb examples of the Order Lagomorpha, a cat with mental health issues, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in need of rehabilitation, and the Disco Diva's of Denistone - our bantam cross chooks. My current passions are Knitpicks Options needles, lace knitting, and learning to spin.

One thought on “And there it goes

  1. Chris

    Wow! Was it terribly exciting? Nathan is hanging out for his first tooth to fall out. He has a wobbly one, but it’s not ready to let go just yet! And tell me, what are your plans for the tooth? Nathan wants to keep his tooth (when it falls out) in what he calls his ‘special collection’ which is his collection of things he keeps beside his bed.

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