Another ear infection


That makes 4 ear infections just in the last month. The Granville doc has diagnosed “Glue Ear”, and apparently the treatment is a low dose, long term antibiotic.


And for today’s light entertainment, check out the hair in the photo – a static charge does funny things when you have curly hair!

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Hi, I'm Lara. I live in Sydney with my adorable husband, two superb examples of the Order Lagomorpha, a cat with mental health issues, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in need of rehabilitation, and the Disco Diva's of Denistone - our bantam cross chooks. My current passions are Knitpicks Options needles, lace knitting, and learning to spin.

6 thoughts on “Another ear infection

  1. mark

    And the expression on that face … he looks very unimpressed with yet another ear infection.

  2. lara Post author

    Thanks Emily! I hoped you would have some wisdom for us :)

    We’re having a hearing test in a few weeks, that should give us a proper diagnosis, and then we’ll see the paed after that. I’m not worried, he talks so much that he either hears perfectly well, or is psychic….

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